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School of Arts and Social Sciences

Research Areas

• Ageing Society and Services Studies

• Chinese Language, Literature and Culture

• Creative Writing

• Cultural Studies

• Digital Culture

• Drama/Theatre Studies

• Economics

• English Language and Literature

• Film Studies

• Gender and Literature

• Human-Computer Interaction

• Linguistics/Applied Linguistics

• Political Science

• Psychology

• Public Administration and Public Policy

• Sociology

• Translation (Chinese and English)

Contact Person

Dr CHAN Kar Yue, Kelly

Tel: 2768 5730



For MPhil/PhD applications, please view the detailed procedures of application at the following links:

[Webpage of Research Postgraduate Programmes]

[Guidebook for Research Postgraduate Programmes]

Please note: Before any formal applications, you should identify a potential supervisor, contact him or her, and provide him or her with a detailed research proposal. If the potential supervisor thinks your research is do-able, you may start the discussion. Please only apply for the degree once you have reached a consensus with this potential supervisor.

Staff Member Research Interests

CHAN Kar Yue, Kelly
BA (Hons), MA (CityU of HK);
PhD (Edinburgh)

• Literary translation
• Classical Chinese literature and translation
• Women’s studies (Tang and Song dynasties)
• Translation of Cantonese opera

CHAN Kwok Ho, Thomas
BCogSc (HKU);
MA, PhD (Boston College)

• Labour economics
• Family economics
• Applied econometrics

CHAN Wing Lun, Wayne

• Police studies
• Criminal justice
• Criminology
• Social media
• Social capital
• Sociology

CHAN Wing Man, Venus
BA (PolyU); PGDE (BU); MA (CUHK); MA (CUHK); PhD (HKU)

• Translation and interpreting training
• Translation technologies
• Applied linguistics
• L2 writing
• Educational technologies

CHAN Wai Yin
BSSc, MPhil (CUHK); MSC, PhD (Lingnan)

• Social inequality
• Sociology, culture and politics of health
• Community life and development
• Discourse analysis

CHENG Shing, Vincent
BA, MPhil, PhD (HKU)

• Crime and punishment
• Offender rehabilitation
• Criminology
• Sociology

CHEUNG Chi Leung, Eddie
BCom (USyd); MSc (LSE);

• Monetary economics
• Macroeconomics
• International finance

DOWNES James Floyd
BA (First Class Hons), MSc(Essex);
PhD (Kent);Teaching Certificate (CUHK); 

• Populism in European and Global Politics
• European Union (EU) Governance
• EU- China Relations (BRI Related Themes)
• Brexit
• Right-Wing Party Competition (Party Politics): Immigration Policy
• Global Politics (International Relations, International Organizations and Global Political Economy)

HAU Chui Luen, Vera
BA (Hunter College, CUNY);
MA, PhD (Stony Brook, SUNY)

• Cognitive neuroscience
• Working memory
• Attention
• Emotion

HO Amic Garfield
PhD Des (PolyU); MEd (HKU);
MDes, BA (Hons) Des (PolyU);
FHEA (UK); FCollT (UK);

• Emotion and design
• Arts and design education
• Typography and font design
• Communication design
• Experience design

HUEN Pak Hang, Antony
BA (CUHK), MA (Bham), PhD (Ebor)

• Modern and contemporary poetry and poetics
• Poetry and the visual arts
• Creative writing
• Hong Kong literature

KUNG Wing Sze, Kaby
PhD (London)

• Comparative literature
• Gender studies
• Contemporary and transnational Chinese cinema
• Colonial and post-colonial literature in English

KWONG Che Leung, Charles
PhD (Monash)

• China’s political economy
• Chinese rural economy
• China’s banking sector
• Economics of institutions

LAI Chi Fu, William
BEng (Hons) CS (HKUST);
PhD (NTU Singapore)

• Computer graphics and applications
• Architectural geometry modelling
• Computer-aided/Computational creativity, design, and optimization
• VR/AR/Perceptual user interface and applications
• 3D scene/object understanding and analysis
• Human-computer interaction and gamification

LAM Oi Yeung, Beatrice
BSocSc, MPhil (HKU);
PhD (Manchester)

• Ageing
• Family, gender and sexuality
• Sociology of education
• Social stratification and inequality

LAM Sui Kwong, Sunny
BSocSc (Hons) (HKBU);
MA (Kingston); MPhil (HKU);

• Advertising and cultural identities
• Ethnography and netnography
• Film and television production
• Globalization and comparative studies
• Health communication and community studies
• Social media and digital communication

LAM Wai Man
BSW (HKPU); MA (SOAS London);
MA (Sussex); PhD (HKU)

• Identity politics
• Political culture and participation
• Civil society
• Democratization
• State-society relationship

LAU Chi Sum, Garfield
BA (Hons), MPhil (CUHK);

• 20th century English fiction
• African Anglophone literature
• Violence in literature

LAW Lok Yin
PhD (NTU Singapore)

• Cultural Heritage in Asia
• East Asian History
• History of Hong Kong
• Sino-Korean relations

LEE Chi Wai, Patrick
MA (HKBU); MA ESP (CityU of HK);
MBA (Leicester, UK);
PhD (Newcastle, UK)

• Second language acquisition
• Discourse analysis
• Chinese and English grammar analysis

LEE Lok Man
BA (Hons), MPhil (LU);
PhD (Tsinghua)

• Confucian classics
• Chinese ritual studies
• Ancient Chinese texts
• Classical Chinese thought

LEE Wan Fai, Walter
BA (Hons) (CUHK); PGDE (HKU);
MA (Warwick); PhD (Auckland)

• Civilisation and global politics
• Critical and historical international relations
• Non/post-Western IR
• Arts and politics

LEUNG Mo Ling, Rebecca
MPhil, PhD (CUHK)

• Chinese modern and contemporary literature
• Hong Kong literature
• Literary theory
• Creative writing
• Chinese cinema

LIEW Kai Khiun
BA (hons) and MA (National University of Singapore);
PhD (University College London)

• Media and Cultural Studies in the Contexts of East and Southeast Asia (Popular Culture, Social Media and Cultural Heritage)

LO Man Chi, Christine
BA (1st Class Hons), MPhil, PhD (CUHK)

• Modern and contemporary Chinese literature
• Sino-Japanese literary relations
• Hong Kong literature

LUI Luen Tim, Percy
BSocSc (Hons) (CUHK);
MPA, PhD (Virginia Polytechnic)

• Comparative civil service systems
• Public policy analysis
• Ethics in public administration
• Public administration theory
• Bureaucratic behaviour and responsibility
• Hong Kong politics and government

MA Yiu Chung, Arbitor
BSocSc (Hon), MPhil, PhD (Lingnan)

• Bank governance
• Managerial incentives
• Public policy

NG Chak Kwan, Charlie
BA (Hons), MPhil (CUHK);
PhD (Edinburgh)

• Romanticism
• Literary theory and criticism
• Literary animal studies
• Environmental humanities

NGAI Bo Wan, Jonathan
Hon. Dip. (HKBU); PGDE (CUHK);
MA (Birmingham);

• Academic discourse
• Journalistic discourse

PhD and MA (University Erlangen-Nuremberg)

• Hong Kong politics
• Political change
• Civil society
• Environmental governance
• East and Southeast Asian politics

PAK Sim, Tess
BA (Hons) (CUHK);
MPhil, PhD (HKU);
Registered Psychol (DIOP/HKPS);
Chartered Psychol (DOP/BPS)

• Social psychology
• Organizational behaviour

SAIU Octavian
BA, MA, PhD (Summa Cum Laude), Dr Habil (NUTF);
PhD (Distinction), PostDoc (Otago)

• Theatre Studies
• Performance Theory
• Comparative Literature
• Contemporary Festivals
• Cultural Leadership

SHAO Dong, Shawn
BA (NJU); MPhil, PhD (HKU)

• Modern and contemporary Chinese literature
• Hong Kong literature
• Film and cultural studies
• Creative writing
• Urban studies
• Sinophone studies

SHUM Chun Tat, Terence
BSc (Essex); MSc (LSE);
MSocSc, PhD (CityU of HK)

• International migration and refugee studies
• Borders, culture and identity
• Multiculturalism and globalization
• Development studies

TONG Tsz Ben, Benson
BA (1st Class Hons), MPhil, PhD (HKBU)

• Classical Chinese poetry
• Literary criticism
• Stylistics
• Sinology
• Wang Anshi studies

TRAN Emilie
BA, MA (Catholic University of Paris);
PhD (EHESS, Paris)

• Global China
• China-Europe relations
• China-France relations
• China-Middle East and Africa relations
• Chinese migration and diaspora
• Public diplomacy, health diplomacy and digital diplomacy
• Smart city

TSANG Chi Chung, Gary
BA, MPhil (CUHK);
PhD (Tsinghua)

• Classical Chinese literature
• Ci poetry
• Literary criticism

WANG Hing Suen, Teresa
BA (UC Riverside); MA (CUHK);

• Anthropology and translation studies
• Cultural translation
• Subtitle translation
• Xiqu translation

WONG Chi Hung
BA (Hons), PhD (HKU)

• Literary criticism
• Modern and contemporary Chinese literature
• Du Fu studies
• Classical Chinese biography

YU Wen Han, Marvin
BA (FJNU); MA, PhD (CityU of HK)

• Creative writing
• Modern and contemporary Chinese literature
• Hong Kong literature
• Contemporary literary theory and criticism

YU Xuying

• Modern and contemporary Chinese literature
• Intellectual history of modern China
• Chinese independent film

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