School of Nursing and Health Studies
School of Nursing and Health Studies

Research Areas

• Technology-based intervention
• MHealth
• Women's health
• Health equity 
• Nursing Education
• Violence and abuse

Contact Person

Prof. Janet WONG Yuen-ha

Staff Member Research Interests

CHAN Po Tai, Noel
PhD, MSc, MEd, MNurs , BHSc, Graduate Diploma in Midwifery ; RN; RM

• Childhood obesity
• Puberty
• Anthropometric measure
• Physical activity 
• Nutrition literacy

CHARM Yee Chong, Caroline
EdD, MSc, BScN (Hons); RN

• Mobile learning
• Health education and promotion
• Infection control

CHEUNG Pui Han, Alison 
DNurs, MBA(HSM), Dip.(Biostatistics), Dip.(Surgical Nursing) , Cert.(Infection Control) , BN(Hons);
RN, Specialty Nurse (Surgical Nursing), FHKAN(Education & Research - Education)

• Nursing and simulation-based education
• Innovations in pedagogy
• mHealth
• Infection control

CHOI Pin Pin, Sandy
PhD, BScN (Hons); RN

• Community and family nursing
• Gerontological care
• Nursing management
• Qualitative research

HO Ka Ming, Jonathan
DN, MN, BScN (Hons);
Cert. (Emergency Nursing); RN

• Emergency nursing
• Systematic reviews
• Clinical trials

KAUR Baljit
PhD, MSc (Nurs), MSocSc (Gerontology), BScN (Hons), Dip. (Cardiovascular Technology);
RN, Simulation Instructor

• Nursing Education
• Simulation-based Education
• Nurse Competence
• Elderly Health and Care
• Gerontechnology applied in health care
• Racial and diversity
• Ethnic minority health and care
• Health inequality

LAM Ching Yee, Yobie
MPhil, MN, PgDip (HSM), BN; RN

• Psychosocial health
• Community and family nursing
• Clinical education
• Pain management 

LAM Wan Choi, Dave
MPhil, BScN (Hons); RN

• General adult nursing

LAU Ming Ho, Victor
MPhil (Nursing), BHSc, RN (Psy)

• Experiences of care-givers
• Nurse-patient interaction
• Psychosocial intervention

LAW Pui Sze, Queenie
PhD, MSc, PGDE, BSc (Hons), BScN (Hons)
RN, Registered Nutritionist (UKVRN), FHKAN

• Nursing education
• Nutrition literacy
• Diet modification

LEE Po Man, Natalie
DHSc(N) , MSN, BSN , Cert.(Medical and Health Sciences Education), Cert. (Intensive Care Nursing); RN

• Nursing education
• Simulation-based education
• Critical care nursing

LEE Wai Man, Windy
DN, MN, BScN (Hons); RN

• Critical care nursing
• Systematic review
• Motivational interviewing

LEE Yin King, Linda
PhD, MA, MN, BN (Hons); RN; RM; RTN

• Determinants and practice of health behaviours
• Physical activity
• Exercise 
• Healthy aging

LIU Tai Wa
PhD, MSc, MN, BN; RN (Psy)

• Cognitive-based intervention
• Stroke rehabilitation
• Psychometric testing

LO Ka Yee, Cora
DNurs, MScCG, BN (Hons),
Dip. (Critical Care Nursing); RN

• Simulation and nursing education
• Critical care nursing

PANG Wai Sum, Nicki
PhD GZUCM, MSc (Acupuncture),
MSc (Stroke and Clinical Neurosciences), BScN (Hons), Dip. (TCMN), PRCC (Neuroscience) IANS, Teacher Cert. (Acupressure in First Aid) HKLSS; RN

• Chinese medicine
• Chinese medicinal nursing

TANG Pui Yin, Winnie
PhD, MNurs, BNurs; RN

• Pediatric nursing
• Oncology nursing
• Psychoeducational intervention

TSE Mun Yee, Mimi
PhD, MSc (PHC), BAS (N);

• Healthy aging
• Pain management
• Gerotechnology

TUNG Ling Nga, Fabian
PhD, MSN , BSN , PRCC(Advanced Medical Nursing); RN

• Mindfulness, mindful self-compassion
• Simulation teaching
• Gerontology

PhD, MN, MSSC, BN (Hons);
RN (Psy); RTN

• Lifelong learning
• Psychotherapy
• Virtual reality
• Health care delivery models
• Spiritual care

WONG Wing Chi, Wendy
DBA, MSc, PGD (Mental Health Nursing), BN (Hons); RN; RN (Psy)

• Psycho-geriatric nursing
• Care for the caregivers

WONG Yuen Ha, Janet

• Technology-based intervention
• MHealth
• Women's health
• Health equity
• Violence and abuse

YAU Sui Yu, Ivy
PhD, MNurs, MBA (HSM), BNurs (Hons); RN

• Social ecology
• Mobile learning
• Physical activity and health
• Active transport


Research Areas

• Global Ageing
• Mind-body Intervention
• Neurological Rehabilitation
• Paediatric Rehabilitation
• Physiotherapy Teaching and Learning
• Postural Control and Biomechanics
• Sports Rehabilitation

Contact Person

Prof. William TSANG Wai-nam
Tel: 3970 8703

Staff Member Research Interests

CHAN Wing Nga, Chad
PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons) (Physiotherapy); RPT

• Disabled-sports physiotherapy and classification
• Exercise for people with physical impairments
• Stroke rehabilitation
• Mind-body exercise
• Dual-tasking performance

CHAN Yee Wa, Eva
MSc, BSc (Hons) (Physiotherapy);

• Clinical neurology
• Developmental disabilities
• Neuromuscular function
• Postural control
• Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy

CHONG Yin Kei, Doris
PhD (Higher Education), DScPT, MSc,
BScPT; RPT (HK, Canada, USA);
Neurologic Certified Specialist (ABPTS)

• Neurological rehabilitation
• Assessment for learning in higher education
• Physiotherapy teaching and learning

TSANG Wai Nam, William
PhD, MPhil, PgD (Biomechanics),
Dip (Epidemiology and Applied Statistics), Prof. Dip (Physiotherapy); RPT (HK)

• Global ageing
• Postural control and fall rehabilitation
• Mind-body intervention
• Cancer rehabilitation

YAM Tsz Ting, Timothy
PhD, MPT, BSc (Kin); RPT

• Biomechanics
• Gait kinetics and kinematics
• Postural control
• Sports rehabilitation
• Gait rehabilitation

YEUNG Chi Keung
PhD, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy; RPT (HK)

• Neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy
• Manual therapy
• Community rehabilitation
• Geriatric rehabilitation


Research Areas

• Herbal medicine
• Cancer cell biology
• Standardization of medicinal herbs

Contact Person

Dr TAM Chun Wai
Tel: 3970 8708

Staff Member Research Interests

CHAN Ping Lung, Panda
PhD, MPhill, MA, BSc (Hons); MRSB

• Microbiome and resistome in medical devices
• Microbiome and resistome in food, manure, farm soil, and microplastics
• Dissemination of antimicrobial resistance genes

CHOW Ka Man, Ariel
PhD, MPhil, BSc; Nutritionist (HKNA)

• Regenerative medicine
• Translational studies of pipeline compounds in cancer therapy
• Cancer cell biology

PANG Ting Kai, Ronald
PhD, MPhil, BSc

• Embryo Development
• Cancer Cell Biology
• MicroRNA in Cancer and Development
• Disease Biomarkers
• Proteomics

SY Hing Yee, Ivy

• Genetic and lifecourse epidemiology
• Microbiology

TAM Chun Wai
PhD, MPhil, BSc

• Herbal medicine
• Cancer cell biology
• Standardization of medicinal herbs

WANG Yanping
PhD, BSc 

• Traditional Chinese Medicine/Herbal Medicine
• Metabolic Syndrome
• Chinese Medicinal Herbs Gardening

WONG Yee Man, Bonny
PhD, Mphil, MPH, MSc, BSc (Hons)

• Physical activity and health
• Health behaviors
• Gerontology
• Mobile health

YAU Wing Lung, Simon
PhD, MPhil, BSc (Hons)

• Cancer cell biology
• Molecular pathology
• VR application in education

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