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An academic reform was conducted by the University in 2022 to transform from “5-credit system” to “3-credit-unit system”. “3-Credit-Unit System” refers to the new curriculum structure after the academic reform. Courses under the “3-Credit-Unit System” are basically assigned credit-unit values in multiples of 3 and categorized into 1000-, 2000-, 3000-, 4000-, 8000- and 9000- levels. This is in contrast with the old curriculum structure under the “5-credit System” under which courses are basically assigned credit values in multiples of 5 and categorized into Foundation, Middle, Higher and Postgraduate levels. Please note that students can only take courses under the credit system of the declared programme (i.e. students should only choose 5-credit system courses if their programme is a 5-credit system programme while those under 3-credit- unit programmes should only choose 3-credit-unit system courses in order to fulfil their graduation requirement). Please select the credit system applicable to you below:

3-credit-unit system
5-credit system

    5-credit courses:


      3-credit-unit courses:


        5-credit courses:


          3-credit-unit courses:


            List of 3-credit-unit courses offered:

            *Course to be presented for the final time.

            ^Course to be offered to continuing students only.


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