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An academic reform was conducted by the University in 2022 to transform from “5-credit system” to “3-credit-unit system”. “3-Credit-Unit System” refers to the new curriculum structure after the academic reform. Courses under the “3-Credit-Unit System” are basically assigned credit-unit values in multiples of 3 and categorized into 1000-, 2000-, 3000-, 4000-, 8000- and 9000- levels. This is in contrast with the old curriculum structure under the “5-credit System” under which courses are basically assigned credit values in multiples of 5 and categorized into Foundation, Middle, Higher and Postgraduate levels. Please select the credit system applicable to you below:
3-credit-unit system
5-credit system

    School of Arts and Social SciencesLee Shau Kee School of Business and AdministrationSchool of Education and LanguagesSchool of Nursing and Health StudiesSchool of Science and Technology

      Master's DegreePostgraduate DiplomaPostgraduate CertificateBachelor's Degree (Hons)Bachelor's DegreeAssociate DegreeHigher DiplomaDiplomaCertificate

      List of 3-credit-unit programmes offered:

      * For non-HKCC/non-HKPC/non-CLECMCF/non-CLESMCF graduates

      ^ For HKCC, HKPC, CLECMCF and CLESMCF graduates

      @ This programme will NOT be offered in 2024 Spring Term


      Non-JUPAS (Local)

      Mainland (NCEE)

      Direct (Non-local)